Antique Art Deco 'Aesop's Fable' Fox & Crow Enamel Brooch

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A beautifully enamelled antique brooch that depicts Aesop’s fable 'The Fox & The Crow'. In the fable a crow finds a piece of cheese and retires to a branch to eat it. A fox wanting the cheese for himself starts to flatter the crow and asks if it’s voice is as sweet as it’s looks. The crow let’s out a caw and the cheese falls from its beak where the fox quickly devours it. The moral of the fable was to warn against listening to flattery.

The brooch is beautifully enamelled in pinks, greens and blacks on a gold tone metal base and is finished with a secure 'trombone' push clasp. Based on the clasp I would guess that the piece is French in origin.


The brooch is in good antique condition.

Dimensions & Date

Width - 4 cm
Height - 1.5 cm
Date - Art Deco

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